How Much Should a House Cleaning Cost in Las Vegas, NV?

Have you been thinking about hiring a cleaning company, but wondered whether it was within your budget? Or have you always assumed that a cleaning company will cost too much? You might be surprised at how affordable it can be to clean your Las Vegas home! There are several different factors which can affect the cost of your house cleaning, and many different cleaners and cleaning companies have options you can select to suit your budget. Below we’ll cover the average cleaning rates in Las Vegas, the factors that will affect your price, the different options you have when choosing a cleaner, and what you can expect when booking a cleaning service with a company like Mystical Maids. Understanding these factors and options will ensure that you choose the right service for your Las Vegas home.

Average Cleaning Rates in Las Vegas

Average cleaning rates in Las Vegas fall between $40 – $80 per hour or between $100 – $560 for your entire home. Yep, that’s a big range, but that’s because there are many different factors which affect the cost of your home cleaning. Depending on your cleaning needs, your home may fall anywhere in these ranges. Keep reading to determine what kinds of options are available when booking a house cleaner and how your cleaning priorities may impact your total cost.
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Factors Influencing Cleaning Prices

There are numerous factors which will influence the cost of your Las Vegas cleaning. These can include things like:
Generally, the more difficult the cleaning job, the more expensive it will be. If your home has been professionally cleaned recently, your bill will be lower than a home that is in need of a thorough deep cleaning. Similarly, if you have a six bedroom home, your bill will be higher than a two bedroom home.

Cleaning Companies vs Independent Cleaners

Probably the biggest factor influencing the cost of your Las Vegas house cleaning is whether you choose to hire a cleaning company or an individual contractor. Usually, hiring an individual cleaner will mean a lower price because they do not have as many overheads, and they may be willing to negotiate their fees. However, there are many benefits provided by cleaning companies which individual cleaners are unable to offer. These benefits are:


An established company will be able to offer your more security and peace of mind that your home and belongings will be cared for properly. They will carry insurance and bonding, and will likely use a thorough vetting process when hiring new cleaners. These additional steps ensure that you are only opening your home to trustworthy cleaners.

Premium Customer Experience

Established companies can also provide a premium cleaning experience. Professionally designed websites will allow you to book instantly and on-the-go, without the need for back and forth calling which you might experience with individual cleaners. Plus, if your usual cleaner becomes ill, a company can send someone in their place so that your home does not go uncleaned.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Established companies also tend to guarantee their services. For example, at Mystical Maids we guarantee that you will be thrilled with our services or else we will reclean your home for free.

Hourly Cleaning Services

One of the common pricing options you’ll encounter among both individuals and cleaning companies is hourly billing. This allows you to pay by the hour until your time is up or your home is finished. Hourly services allow you to customize your cleaning by designating tasks or areas to be cleaned. However, it can lead to an unexpectedly large bill if your cleaning takes longer than expected. Or, if you select a set number of hours and don’t want to add more, you may find that your cleaners weren’t able to get to everything you wanted.

Mystical Maids’ Hourly Services

We offer hourly cleaning services at the rate of $75 per hour.

Flat Rate Cleaning Packages

This is a pricing option that you’ll usually encounter only with established cleaning companies. Flat rate cleaning packages are great for people who want to know how much their cleaning will cost upfront. They’re based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home, and they utilize a standard cleaning checklist designed for that service. You’ll always know exactly what will be done, and nothing will ever be forgotten.

Mystical Maids’ Flat Rate Pricing

We offer flat rate pricing for houses of up to 6 bedrooms. If there are more than 6 bedrooms in your home, the pricing structure will switch to hourly pricing. These packages do assume a reasonable standard of cleanliness and an average sized home. If your home is in severe condition or is larger than average, we may need to adjust the cost of your package.
Number of BedroomsStandard Clean Starting from*Deep Clean Starting from*Move Out Clean Starting from*
*excluding sales tax
Why do these services have different starting prices?
All of the services above require different amounts of effort, cleaning materials, experience, and time. Some services also include additional tasks which will increase the cost.


If you’re in need of additional services that aren’t part of one of the flat rate cleaning packages, you can choose to add them at the time of booking with a small additional fee. At Mystical Maids, you can add on the following:
Selecting one of these options will instantly update the price on your booking.

One-time Cleanings vs. Recurring Cleanings

The last thing that can influence the cost of your cleaning is the frequency of your appointments. One-time services will be charged at full price, while recurring services will usually receive a discount. At Mystical Maids, we offer the following discounts after your first service. The discount is based on how often you would like us to clean your home.